End of Lease Cleaning

end of lease cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Sunbury

Migration is common in Australia as every now and then, people flock into the country and settle down in different parts, for their jobs, education and even for trade. Therefore, the competition and demand are very high for the apartments, homes and also the commercial properties. Sunbury is one of the very towns in the state of Victoria.

Taken on a lease, and used for the contracted number of years, the rooms have to be cleaned and restored to its previous health, after the lease is over. Washing the bonded property is essential as the bonded money is still in the closet of the landlord which is much needed by the tenants. It is a fact that returning a clean and clear house back to the landlord is one of the prerequisites of the agreement. So when the building returned is not as clean as it should be, the bond money is automatically reduced into half! Is it acceptable as a tenant! At the same time, the tenant as you are, you need to search for another building, pay the bond as you did for the one you are vacating now, carry on with the employment schedule, and there is no time in hands to concentrate on detailed cleaning. Keep your mind calm. Incredible Clean has brought up the Rental Bond Cleaning Sunbury project that caters to immaculate the buildings on a lease.

Sunbury and its surrounding suburbs come under the End of Lease Cleaning project where rich quality equal services are meted out according to the esteemed package

Performing successful End of Lease Cleaning Sunbury, our highly experienced and well-qualified Vacate Cleaners Sunburyare adept to ensure they have done the premium services as set to them by the company checklist

  • Cuisine Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Washroom Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Cleaning


General cleaning tasks catered to one and all clients are

  • Vacuuming all the carpets to clean and purify carpets
  • Washing the exterior and interior surfaces of windows
  • Remove the external cobwebs
  • Eliminating the molds growing in the washrooms
  • Cleaning the ceiling fans and external light fitting surfaces
  • Dusting all the window blinds
  • Vacuuming the furniture after dusting them
  • Deep cleaning the attached external patio areas


End of Lease Cleaning Sunbury fulfills the company stated cleaning tasks to maintain the standards

Washroom Service:

  • Bathtub cleaning
  • Basins cleaning
  • Vanity cleaning
  • Shower and shower screen cleaning
  • Sanitizing every back to the front of the toilet
  • Drawers and cupboard fronts wiping
  • Mopping the floors


Cuisine Service:

  • Entire oven and stove top cleaning
  • Bench tops cleaning
  • The wall tiles existing behind the stove are deep cleaned
  • Grease elimination from the exterior of a range hood
  • Sink cleaning as well as cleaning the spouts and handles
  • Thorough cleaning of the cupboard interiors
  • Cupboard fronts and drawers cleaning
  • Floor vacuuming and mopping


Bedrooms, Lounges and Dining Rooms Service:

  • Floor vacuuming
  • Wardrobe Mirror Cleaning
  • Door jambs dusting
  • Cornices dusting
  • Wardrobe door tracks wiping
  • Spot cleaning the marks on the walls
  • Skirting boards wiping
  • Cobwebs removal


Balconies Service:

  • In order to let the streak free finish emerge on its surface and that too to appear on both sides, the sliding doors are washed
  • The tile floors are swept and mopped


Laundry Area Service:

  • Keeping the floors swept and, mopped
  • Cleaners vehemently wipe off the marks on the walls to keep the walls spots free
  • Drying front is wiped to get rid of the dust acquiring on them
  • The experts swiftly clean the sinks, handles, and spouts.

If you have any question, please contact usvia emailinfo@incredibleclean.com.auor by phone0411843341/27187892914.