Let the cleaning swords do the speaking

Let the cleaning swords do the speaking

Let the cleaning swords do the speaking

Role of the water hoses and cobwebbers:

Water hoses are flexible hollow tube meant to transfer water to wash the surfaces. Basically used for the gutters, and roofs, the water hoses are carefully handled while cleaning the outer surface walls, and car parking areas.

Alternatively, cobwebbers too have an eminent role to play with regards to cleaning. To remove the cobwebs and dust particles from vents and cornices, the contoured shape cobwebbers are vehemently put to application. With the help of the cobwebbers, reaching the ceiling fan blades, pelmets, exhaust fans, balustrades and skirting boards is easier. There is no need to use the ladders while working with the cobwebbers. In addition to it, the cobwebbers are a super solution to clean the downpipes and eaves.

As the name suggests, the cobwebbers tear down the cobwebs, since these are the excellent source to prevent the crawling insects and spiders from crawling back to their built-up homes harmful to the human health. Ideal for the indoors as well as outdoors, the cobwebbers detain the growth and multiplication of the microorganisms. Without bending down, the cleaners can easily handle cleaning the ground level objects and skirting boards using the cobwebbers.

As a result, the cleaners can attend to the greater areas of cleaning since they do not have to bend down and be straight at continuous, thereby avoiding straining their back. Thus, the works proceed faster.

Entry of the Floor Buffers:

An electrical appliance is a floor buffer meant to maintain the cleanliness of noncarpeted floors like the hardwood, tiled floors, marble, and linoleum is termed as a Floor Buffer. Floor buffers are rotator floor machine, which are often said to be burnishers or floor polishers. These are the typical high-speed floor buffers built with a pad rotating at over one thousand RPM. The floor buffers somewhat resemble a large shaped upright, it is a vacuum cleaner having a wide base and fitted with handlebar controls. The cleaner use both their hands to steer it. The dust and dirt are dislodged from the flat surface with the help of the floor buffers which makes use of either one or more number of variablespeed circular rotator brushes. It is a convenience to use the floor buffers since these machines are having round and large scrubbing pad spun with the help of a small motor, only in one direction that is generally mounted directly over the center of the pad. Especially for the commercial spaces like the education centers, medical units, offices, production centers, and the public buildings, the cleaners make use of floors buffers built with larger buffers. The larger powered floor buffers have powered wheels facilitating the cleaning technicians to move it with ease so that the sticky and stubborn dirt on the hard surfaces can be easily removed. Alternatively, for the residential uses, the cleaners make use of hard floor cleaners.

In the meantime, the steam cleaner too gains a ground for importance:

A maximum amount of stains and the perpetual build up is removed by a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner basically involves the dry vapor steam for serving the purposes of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Easy to treat the hard surfaces like the tile and grout, sealed floors as well as to spot clean the softer materials like the upholstery and carpets, the steam cleaning machines are most ideally suited. Killing the allergens, mold, fungus, and bacteria is easy with the steam cleaners because of machines ability in the generation of temperatures of up to 360F. For smooth functioning, these machines use the low-pressure levels up to 150 psi.

The boiler inside the steam cleaner heats the water in the machine that gets converted into vapor and via a nozzle the vapor exits out of the machine. The steam is highly effective to loosen the dirt present on the hard surfaces as well as in the soft fibers, thereby making it easy for the cleaners to wipe or vacuuming it. 5% water is retained in the vapor inside the steam cleaner that is much drier compared to the breathing air. To function well and yield satisfying results, the steam cleaners work with the detergents, cleaning solutions and vacuums.

Steam cleaners are gaining a higher relevance with regards to the cleanliness and hygienic standards. Along with its sanitation advantages, the steam cleaners have a few more advantages. The topmost among them is that steam cleaning machines can function with the minimum amount of cleaning chemicals and even water. That is why it is much beneficial to use it in various industries like healthcare, food, dairy, hygiene, and sanitation. The two types of steam cleaners on the basis of the produces are dry steam and wet steam.

  • Dry steam cleaner The dry steam cleaners make use of steam pressure for raising the boiling point of water. The high boiling point of water creates a saturated steam at a 338F temperature. It is at this point that the steam plays its role dissolving the dirt and grime without requiring the addition of excessive water. There is a major advantage for the professional cleaners to abide by dry steam cleaning. Its supporting reason is that the ability of the steam penetrating deep into the cracks and crevices of a particular surface and remove the stubborn dirt and bacteria. Portable steam cleaning machines are easily carried to the sites requiring ad hoc cleaning. Even there are a number of sites where the cleaners have to pay a regular visit and carry out a detailed clean down, they make use of the portable dry steam cleaners. It is possible to fix the settings of the dry steam cleaners and set is ready for usage. Once fixed it can be flexibly used until it is manually stopped. Another credit to the feather of the dry steam cleaner is that the machine is liable to be used as part of a vacuum cleaner so that it is easily used for deep cleaning the carpets. The dry steam cleaner holds a significant place in the cleaning industry since the deep sanitizing is made possible owing to the help of this cleaning machine. Notably, the food processing and healthcare industries derive innumerable benefits when the cleaners clean the sites using the dry cleaners.
  • Wet Steam Cleaner: To enhance the best cleaning capabilities of the hot water pressure washers, these machines use a surplus steam facility. Getting the steam pressure adjusted in the very unit for reducing the waters rate of flow, it allows the heat exchanger to continue with its operations concerning water temperature upliftment. This is the method for steam production. When observed, the cleaners can understand the water temperature increasing to around 284 The content of water is comparatively high in the produced steam, which is known as the wet steam. The wet steam is effective to wash the cars and the parking lots.


The prestigious position as acquired by the Vacuum Cleaners: Despite the colors, styles, and sizes of the vacuum cleaners, the vacuum cleaners are posses and display a range of similar features and are even equal in providing a great deal benefits to the cleaners as well as to the clients. Vacuum cleaners are built with powerful motor which enables the unit to suck in every unwanted particle and elements spread all over the surface as well as in the air. Because of its capacity to perform various functions, the vacuum cleaners have gained a strong ground of sheer importance:

  • Removing all kind of dirt like pet hairs, dust, oils, and grease diminishing the value of the residential surface as well as the other unwanted particles present in the air.
  • One or two trained cleaners are enough to handle the vacuum cleaners. So while a group might engage themselves in taking care of the walls and ceilings, at that time two men clean the floors and pathways using the vacuum cleaners.
  • The highest convenience is that the vacuum cleaners do not involve any complicated steps to be operated. Cleaning with this tool is a simple process.
  • Washing and disinfecting the carpets is even an easy task using the vacuum cleaners.
  • Another perk associated with vacuuming cleaning is that it safeguards the health of both human beings as well as the pets. Our cleaners make use of the vacuum cleaner uniquely featured with HEPA filter which is powerful to evict the pollen present in the surfaces. Hence these are too beneficial to bring down the threats posed by allergic reactions.
  • Owing to the vacuum cleaner, the air is also cleansed. The vacuum cleaners have excellent filtration efficiency; therefore these are suitable to filter the airborne dust and allergens contained in the indoor air.

Now it is the time for High-Pressure Machine Cleaners or Pressure Washers:

Introduction to the pressure washers:

Pressure Washers are notably the high mechanical sprayers meant for the purposes of cleaning, getting rid of dirt, mud, grime and the like wastes. The pressure washers can even remove the loose paints when applied correctly for the purpose. Using the pressure washers, the cleaners take its advantage of saving up to 50% running water. It is a fine replacement for a normal garden hose, which makes use of abundant water to clean a grime filled surface.

The droplets stick themselves naturally on to the surfaces due to the molecular charge contained in the water molecules. Therefore, the pressure washers make use of the narrow, high pressure water jets which are often mixed with detergents or soaps. The soluble mixture breaks down the debris and dirt for setting the hard surfaces free from the adverse effects of these menaces. You can clearly notice that there are no abrasive techniques involved in the process.

Creating a high pressure as well as water spray velocity, the pressure washers depending on its machine functionality allows the assistance of the detergent mixed into the water spray in the pressure cleaning process.

Working at the center with the Carpet Extractors:

An electrically powered carpet extractor uses four basic ingredients for cleaning, namely hot water and detergent, an electricpowered scrub brush and a strong suction for extracting the deep-rooted dirt from the carpets. It is a pride for us to state that the adept trained cleaners take care to handle the carpet cleaning with care so that there are no damages caused to the carpets as well as to the cleaning machine while handling the equipment.

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