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Professional Carpet Cleaners Sunbury Delivering Stain-Free & Radiantly Clean CarpetsEVERT TIME!

Incredible Clean is your one-stop cleaning experts across Melbourne having lots of knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry.

And if you choose to invest in our carpet cleaners Sunbury; we will present you with deep cleaned carpet which dries off faster and stays clean and odourless for longer!

So, if you have an ill-maintained carpet which not only looks dirty but smells bad too- our proven carpet steam cleaning Sunbury will deliver you stain-free and radiantly cleaned carpets – JUST AS YOU WANT!

Our 6-Stage Steam Cleaning Approach:

In sharp contrast to the commonly followed steam cleaning approach:-

Where a cleaner comes over to your property along with their portable steam equipment (filled with detergent and water). Their splash & dash steam cleaning approach doesnt involve rinsing, and due to that, some detergent residues stay behind. This promotes rapid carpet soiling and even deterioration, with time.

It is a method that many bait and switch providers use. BUT NOT US!

At Incredible Clean; we skip this popular but ineffective approach and use our own 6-stage steam cleaning process to achieve deep clean carpets.

  • Step #1:– We Spray biodegradable cleaning solution over your carpet.
  • Step #2:– A rotary agitation is done on the carpet to separate the soil and break-down spots and stains.
  • Step #3:– Stubborn marks or stains get separate treatments until they are removed.
  • Step #4:– The carpet is treated to hot-water or steam extraction throughout.
  • Step #5:– Fabri-rinse is applied to the carpet surface for restoring pH balance and to ensure no soil remnants or stain residue exists.
  • Step #6:– Last, but most certainly not the least- we treat your carpets with an odour neutraliser.

Special Mentioning:-We Even Offer You Carpet Protector, Dry Cleaning (after steam cleaning), Carpet raking, and more- should you choose to opt for it!

We Offer All Our Services With Flexibility, Dedication & Innovation:

  • We deliver high-quality and industry-approved cleaning services at budget-friendly rates.
  • We cater to all cleaning needs of both residential & commercial sectors.
  • Regardless of the size or difficulty of the project, we always leave your premises looking sparkling clean.
  • We are readily available 24×7.
  • We use the latest truck-mount cleaning equipment and always guarantee our services.
  • Our rates are also upfront without any hidden charges.

Give us a call @ 0411 843 341. We will be happy to discuss your carpet cleaning requirement- be it STEAM or DRY.

You can even email us at [email protected].