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Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning in Essendon

Quality carpet cleaning is a MUST, if you are to bring the best out of your carpets and want to see them taking the aesthetic look and feel to an altogether different level.

Incredible Clean offers you a highly affordable as well as high quality carpet cleaning service, carried out by some of the best professionals in the industry.

The extensive skill and years of experience that our carpet cleaners in Essendon have to their credit, help them to remove the most stubborn stains and dirt from the carpets, and upholstery. The impeccable cleaning procedure that they follow ensures that they leave the carpet and the upholstery smelling and looking fresh and fantastic.

Indeed, we are one of the most coveted names in the field of carpet cleaning, as we are indeed a specialist, when it comes to performing steam cleaning, having all the knowledge of how to deal with them depending upon the materials they are made up of.

What Difference Do We Make in the Industry?

  • We pre-vacuum the carpets and that is why, while steam cleaning, our specialists go as deep into the carpet surface as possible
  • We also offer pretesting, so that you get the most appropriate treatment for your carpet
  • We have specialists with thorough knowledge of taking on wax, red wine and burn marks, marks of foodstuff and pet pee on the carpet and removing them completely
  • We are have official IICRC certification and this ensures that your carpets are taken care of by the best pairs of hand

The 4 Steps of Carpet Steam Cleaning That Makes a Difference

  • Step 1: Our sepcialists at first pre-vacuum your carpets using industry-grade vacuum cleaners. This removes 80% of the ambulant dust and dirt.
  • Step 2: Then they would pre-spray the carpets with non-toxic, eco-friendly detergents, the type of which again depends upon the kind of carpet they are dealing with
  • Step 3: Once the detergent is allowed to settle on the carpet and get deep inside its surface, our pros will treat the stains and marks by steam cleaning, which will extract not only the unwanted stuff out of the carpet surface, but will remove the detergent thoroughly as well.
  • Step 4: They then neutralise the carpets, which will minimise the probability of re-soiling, and leave the carpet nice and soft. Then the carpets are groomed, to bring up an impeccable look and feel that stays for long.

Therefore you see, our systematic approach to carpet steam cleaning in Essendon will help you to lengthen the longevity of your carpets and making sure that they remain clean and healthy, thereby lifting the look and feel of your home interior by quite a few notches…for long!!!!

For further details, get in touch with us for a free quote and all you have to know regarding our service.